The Absence of Olivia – Anie Michaels

absence of olivia

I read this book in one sitting I couldn’t put it down, but at times I did want to shake the main character Evelyn and say wake up and see what’s happening in front of you.  This story is of love from a distance and though it may be shared its not the love that will hold your future, we flick between the past and present giving us the insight to understand the relationship between the characters.

Evelyn (Evie) has lost her best friend and is struggling to move forward, she made a promise to her best friend Olivia that she would look after Devon, Ruby and Jaxy but that promise is hard to keep without causing herself more harm.  I don’t want to give the story away but when you think the story may go one direction the author pulls you in another, she does show us that we shouldn’t accept being second best we all deserve to be first choice.

This book is a standalone but there will be more books on the other characters and I for one cannot wait.


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