Reckless is book 1 in Nicole Edwards new M/M series Pier 70 and I had the privilege of reading an arc.  Nicole’s book never fail to deliver and this one is right up there with her others, you will get the hot sexy men, scenes that will make you blush, laugh out loud moments, strong connections to family and friends but we also see the fear that comes from past events.

Cam Strickland is one of the sexy owners of Pier 70 and finds himself being pursued by Gannon Burgess owner of a Video Games company, events that happened a long time ago in Cams life have him living life at a fast and reckless pace but his fears hold him back from committing to a relationship, will Gannon be able to push his way into Cam’s life and not get burned.

Well I’m going to leave you to find this out for yourselves I will say that you don’t want to miss this new series and the glimpses we get of the rest of  Pier 70 owners will leave you wanting more and hoping the wait won’t be too long.


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