Men of Steel Anthology including Raising Steel New Novella – MJ Fields

MOS Promo

MJ has released the Men of Steel box set at an amazing low price and it includes a brand new Novella Raising Steel (Momma Joe’s story).  If you love hot tattooed alphas, strong women and loyal family this series is definitely for you.  Each of these tattooed Alphas has a story Jase, Cyrus, Zandor and Xavier but together they are Forever Steel.

Jase and Carly both have their struggles to overcome and it takes them a while to be on the same page but these two will make you laugh, cry, shout and make you so very hot.

Cyrus and Birdie (Tara) well these two are my favourites and had my heart from the beginning, Cryus comes across as a bit of an asshole at times in the beginning and you want to give him a good old slap up the side of the head which Carly does on occasion.  Cyrus doesn’t let many in and carries a huge guilt around with him but birdie manages to get through to him and breaks is 3 go rule. Birdie has also had a hard life and find herself in a position which is not good but Cyrus and the rest of the Steel family help her move forward.

Zandor and Bekah (kitten) well what can I say, Zandor is definitely for spreading the love around (wink wink) and has his own brand of this.  Zandor and Bekah’s story as with the others has its difficulties to overcome but as they overcome these they leave you hot and wanting your own brand.

Xavier and Taylen (Irish) well Xavier is the baby of the boys and wants to stand on his own two feet, he’s strong like the rest of the Steel man and usually find’s himself in some compromising situations, after travelling for a year then the family moving to Italy for a while he wants to go back home and start his own business in the music industry, his brothers want him with them at Steel but he needs to do this on his own.  Momma Joe hires Xavier an assistant in the name of Taylen this is done on the looks of an old photo and mainly because she thinks Xavier wont try to seduce her but they are both in for a shock when they meet Taylen.

and now we have Josephina Steel (Momma Joe) she is strong, beautiful, loyal and so very protective of her family and they of her, if you are welcomed in by a Steel you have them for life.

We know through each of the Steele books that she has played a large part in her sons lives and is hugely family driven but her daughter in laws have taken it upon themselves to get together and offer Momma Joe more time to herself as they feel she needs to start enjoying life again.

Momma Joe lost the love of her life a few years ago and is not looking to replace him with anyone else but what happens when a friend finds himself in a similar situation having lost his soul mate and is trying to move forward with his life. They have been friends for a while and both admit that they need someone to share experiences with (wink wink).

This book has all the Steel family making an appearance and we get lots of the flirty banter and drama that we have to come to love from the Steel Family and lets say that the older ones will definitely give the younger ones a run for the money.

Please go get your copy you wont be disappointed xx MJ I cannot wait to see what you do next you can guarantee that I will be 1 clicking. XX


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