Happy Release Day – Carmen Jenner – Tank – Savage Saints MC Book 2

I was privileged to receive an arc of Tank I hadn’t read any of Carmen Jenner’s books so I downloaded Kick which is book 1 and totally devoured it so I couldn’t wait to read Tank after meeting him in Kick. These books aren’t for the faint hearted and topics may be hard for some but they are full of raw emotions and totally worth a read.

Tank and Ivy both have had difficult childhoods and we get the story behind them and see what has caused the pain they live with today.  Tank is hard, ruthless and cold but has a heart and is loyal to few, he’s strong and will not hesitate to kill for his club or the ones he loves.

Ivy  has been in the club a long time and enjoyed the pain that has been inflicted on her by the club brothers unfortunately Ivy can only get off with the pain and the feel she gets from using drugs that are readily available within the club her past has left her feeling unworthy.

After a series of events Tank takes it upon himself to help Ivy get clean of the drugs and removes her to his cabin away from the MC to do so he’s also staked his claim on her to keep the brothers away, he’s been in love with Ivy for a while even though she’s in love with Kick who now has a new woman in his life.

These two are by no means perfect but they are perfect for each other Tank will abide his time until Ivy realizes what is right in front of her.  Please go get your copy you wont be disappointed the pages just keep on turning its so hard to put down, full of dark twists and full of emotion.  I for one cannot wait to read more of the Savage Saints MC


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