Holy Freaking Hotness Ryker is seriously one of my all time favourite Cold Fury men he’s sexy, fun, loyal single father and team member plus committed to his goals.  We first get a glimpse of Ryker in Zack’s book when he was transferred to the team at the end of the season and ultimately had to fight for his place as the teams number 1 goalie.  This season he’s still having to prove himself even though his performance statistics speak for themselves.

Gray Brannon is the newly appointed General Manager of the Carolina Cold Fury hockey team and being a woman in a mans world is not going to be easy when some members of management don’t agree with her new strategies but she’s out to make this team the best in its league.

The chemistry that we witness between Ryker and Gray will have you fanning yourself and wishing you could swap places with Gray its seriously hot but you also see a genuine love develop between them and it may be a first love for Gray but it also shows that second chance love does exist, its not plain sailing we have angry players not happy with a female manager, fans not happy with their goalie and to top it off they have to hide their relationship.

Please go get your copy and see what happens I can guarantee you wont be disappointed, i for one am  looking forward to reading more on these sexy hockey players.


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