I was privileged to receive and arc of Hollywood Dirt for an honest review and I will admit I wasn’t sure what to expect as I haven’t read any of this writers other books but I can say that I will now be checking these out.

Cole Masten Hollywood heart throb/movie star/ bad boy  is coming to Quincy with his crew  to make a movie of the Fortune Bottle he’s been left by his wife and instructed by his lawyer to keep a low profile but when he arrives in Quincy he is about to come face to face with a new temptation that he doesnt need at this time is his life or does he.

Summer has always had a thing for Cole Masten when she’s watched his movies, but she’s not taken with him when she meets him in person,  however Cole Masten is quite taken with her and her distaste for him only seems to make him more attracted to her. Summer wants out of Quincy and when offered a role in the movie alongside Cole Masten she finally sees her way clear of this small town but what happens when these two hit the set and Cole manipulates the script more for his benefit.

Please go get your copy and see what happens I promise its well worth a read.


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