Closet Confession – Kindle Alexander

ClosetConfession-600x900 (2)

I was privileged to receive the arc of Closet Confession, this novella has been extended since its previous release and you don’t want to miss out.  For those of who you have not read any of Kindle Alexander’s books I would highly recommend this to you to start with but you will definitely want to read more.

Dr  Derek Babineaux (Dr Baby) is sexy confident and very secure in himself he’s working the night shift in the ER Department at the Tulane Medical when he has a patient come in who really doesn’t need to be there but Justin the trauma nurse on shift is doing his job and taking blood for testing, Dr Baby knows this patient very well and knows that they wont find anything wrong with her.

Justin has just left his military career and started working at Tulane he’s quiet and a little insecure in his new life role, he also has an attraction to the hot sexy ER doctor and is trying his best to ignore the advances been thrown his way keeping pleasure and business separate or is that what he’s hoping to do.

Go get your copy and see what happens when Justin gets lost within the Tulane Medical and ends up in a corridor going nowhere you wont see the twist coming until it’s upon you but you’ll certainly be left fanning yourself. (wink wink).


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