Memphis Black – Book 1 Rockers of Steel – MJ Fields


This book is freaking hot and will seriously damage your health I couldn’t put it down once I started and stayed up late to finish it.  I love Mj’s books Men of Steel being my favourite but this may just be right up there with those Forever Steel Men.

Memphis Black wants nothing more than to be a famous rock star and he’s on his way along with the members of the band Steel Total Destruction yes STD (wink wink) they’ve just finished touring as the opening act for another group and have a couple of weeks to enjoy before they’re back to the hard work, but life as Memphis knows is about to change.

Tally has grown up with a Minister for a father and her dreams of dancing for a career did not go over well with him but he has his own secrets.  Unfortunately for Tally she has to leave her place behind at The Julliard School after her father dies suddenly leaving Tally with his secret, she struggles with this and everything else that is going on, however Tally is joining her best friend Madison for two weeks in Miami but they are going to be sharing a place with STD as Memphis Black is big brother to Madison.

Go get your copy and see what happens when sweet innocent Tally rocks into Miami and is left alone with STD while she awaits her best friend Madison the pages will definitely be burning, you’ll be laughing out loud at the antics they all get up to and praying they sort their shit out plus its great to see Xavier Steel again.

Another great book MJ I cant wait for the next one. XXXX


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