Turn of the Moon – A Royal Shifters Novel – LP Dover


This is a new Genre for author L P Dover and she does not disappoint Turn of the Moon is an exceptional read it keeps you wanting to turn the pages to see what happens next, Its fast passed and a lot happens but it’s all relevant to the story. I had never read a book before on shifters and can say I will continue to see where this series takes us.

Bailey has been promised to Kade the Alpha of the Yukon pack but Bailey despises him and has her own plans but she needs a little longer she too is an Alpha and wishes to choose her own mate as this is a never ending bond. Bailey is however forced to strikeout at Kade and leave her pack immediately after all it was her parents who had promised her to Kade.

Ryker has been watching Bailey for years he knows that she is his chosen mate but unfortunately Bailey does not remember him, after he fights with her and gets her to his pack the bond becomes stronger between these two but not without problems. Baileys past friend catches up with her and has some information for her that she has forgotten it seems Bailey is a higher Alpha and that’s why Kade is after her but Ryker will protect her or he’ll die trying.

Please go get your copy and see what happens you won’t be disappointed I for one am looking forward to the next book only hope it’s here sooner rather than later.

Release Date 25th August 2015


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