Starting Over – Erin Cristofoli

starting over

I have had the pleasure of reading Erin Cristofoli debut novel and really enjoyed it, it’s sexy, funny, beautiful and all about second chances.

Kate has moved across country from her sleepy small town to the city to start her life over, the last thing Kate want’s is a night out  after moving even if it is with her best friend Jen so that’s how she find herself at a club drinking and dancing but that’s not all this  is a masquerade night so no one knows who you are.

Ben Hyde wants to be anywhere but this club he’d rather be at another club for people more like him but he’s here with his friend Liam.   Liam catches the eye of a beautiful woman and leaves Ben alone, thinking better of being here he decides to leave and in turn bumps into Kate the electricity sparks between them. Things escalate between Ben and Kate but he makes a point of telling her that it will only be one encounter but when disturbed by Kate’s friend Jen he finds himself watching her go to realise that he wants to see her again.

Please don’t think that that’s all this story is there are more twists, turns and complications to this than just Ben and Kate’s chance encounter, go get your copy and see what really lies in store for these two you wont be disappointed.

A great debut novel Erin Cristofoli xx


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