bittersweet cravings

I had the pleasure of reading this last night and couldn’t put it down I loved the fiery relationship between Charlie and Clink in Bitter Sweet Beginnings and Tara did not disappoint, this book still has all the fire and passion we loved from the start but along with this we have a little hurt, forgiveness, love and danger.

Charlie is reeling from the fact that Clink has up and left her, recovering from surgery that saved her father’s life well her biological father that is she’s feeling betrayed once again and is not looking to forgive in the near future but she cant help but miss Clink.  Clink however is hurt that she didn’t trust him, he knows they have a future and sets off back home to sort through the bullshit that went down.

Un be known to Charlie she has caught the eye of a Doctor and lets just say his beside manner could do with some improvement and his little side earner has the two rival MC’s having to work together the Kingsmen and the Slayers. This just adds to the drama that is going on in her life, trying to establish a relationship with Vince her biological father but she’s not willing to listen to his side of the story feeling abandoned yet again and can she forgive Clink and he her.

Whilst we wait and see what happens with Charlie and Clink we also see the developing relationship between Dana (Charlie’s sister) and TJ.

Please go get your copy and see if Charlie and Clink, Charlie and Vince, Charlie and her mother can sort through the difficulties and move forward all whilst the danger the good Doctor has bought her way continues.  You wont be disappointed its an awesome end to an amazing series but is it the end who knows.


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