I was privileged to receive an arc of Tyrant for an honest review, I couldn’t wait to start this book after being hooked on King.  Tyrant starts right where King left off with Doe (Pup)/Ray being picked up by her family but with her memory loss she struggles to understand the life she is returning to nothing feels right for her.

King is still the hot bad ass alpha we fell in love with but we also see a deeper emotional side of him and he fights for what is his, he proves that family does not have to be blood related but can be that of strong friendships.

Events that happen see King having to deal with old enemies before he can go claim his pup, in the meantime her family are trying to get her to return to her old life and forget all about King as he doesn’t fit her families image but she cant forget him he’s her life now not these stuffy people that call themselves family.

During her time home certain things happen that jog Ray’s memory of who she was and the puzzle starts to be solved but there are a few shocks in store, please go get your copy and see what happens but be warned its dark, sexy as hell, dangerous and downright intriguing to the end.  I for one cannot wait to read Bear’s story I only hope we get to see more King and Pup along the way.


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