An Honest Mistake book 1 – MC Crusaders – L Grubb


I was privileged to receive an arc of An Honest Mistake, debut book by a new and upcoming author Lucii Grubb and it did not disappoint.  

Alexis is having a hard time at work its not her dream job and her boss is nothing but an ass, Alexis knows she could do the job better so when getting home and after another stressful day to hear her phone ringing she cringes but upon hearing her best friend on the other end she can’t help but smile and even though she just wants to relax she arranges at night out of drinking and dancing but what she doesnt know is that she’s about to cross paths with Cobra VP of the Crusaders MC.
Cobra is one hot sexy bad ass biker who you enjoys nothing more than a good night out with his fellow bikers and pussy is pussy that is until he crosses paths with Alexis, she’s smart, independent and completely opposite of the pussy he usually chases. Unfortunately Cobra is about to come up against a mistake from his past but little does he know that when another MC starts making threats that he is the cause and unwittingly put Alexis and her best friend Lauren in danger.
Please go get your copy once its released on August 20th 2015, you wont be disappointed, I look forward to reading the next book to see what happens with the rest of the MC Crusaders.
A great debut novel Lucii Grubb.

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