Love Hurts- Book 1 – Caged Love by Mandi Beck

love hurts

Looking for a hot sexy MMA Fighter well look no further this book contains one in non other than Deacon ‘The Hitman’ Love.  This book is full of love, family, friendship, hurt, laughs and witty banter.

Deacon and his brothers have always looked out for the Princess (Frankie) since they were young and that will not change but what happens when Deacon’s love for the Princess turns from that of best friends to that of a lover.  Will they survive or destroy what they have had for years.

Frankie’s life is about to change and forces Deacon to confess his love for her but not without consequences to both.  It’s been two months since Deacon confessed his love to Frankie and then he receives her call not at the most appropriate time but hey Deacon will do anything to hear her voice but what happens next will rock their worlds.

Go grab your copy and see what happens for yourself, you won’t want to put it down but I will warn we have a cliffhanger although we don’t have long to wait for the next book.

This was my first read of Author Mandi Beck and I absolutely loved it will definitely download the next and look at what else she has released.


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