Souls Unfractured – Hades Hagmen 3 – Tillie Cole

souls hades3

Tillie has done it again with Souls Unfractured  this by far my favourite book of the series I couldn’t put it down.  This is the story of Flame and Maddie and is heartbreaking and downright beautiful.  We meet Flame and Maddie in the first book both have had dreadful things happen to them in the past and this book tells their story.

Flame can’t be touched he cuts to release the flames and evil from within that has been instilled in him since a young age and Maddie she cannot bear to be touched as she has been abused from a young age but together they find away to deal with the past and the future but its not a straightforward journey for these two.

I don’t want to give anything away but this book has many twists and turns and will keep you wanting to turn the pages,  I for one am  at a loss for words to describe my feelings for this book I will be suffering this book hangover for a while.

Go get your copy and see what happens to Flame and Maddie you wont be disappointed.


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