It Ain’t Me, Babe Book 1 and Heart Recaptured Book 2 – Hades Hangmen – Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole writes amazing books that draw you in with such raw passion you don’t want to turn the page for fear that the story will end but you cant help but devour her words and fall for her characters.  These books aren’t for the faint hearted they are dark but loving and beautiful all in one.

it aint me babe

It Ain’t Me, Babe

Styx (River) is the “Prez” of the MC “Hades Hangmen” he’s feared by those outside his MC, has the reputation of the Hades Hangmen Mute as he doesnt speak too many.  He has only ever communicated with 3 people his Father, his best friend/VP Ky and the young girl with the Wolf eyes he met and fell in love with at 11 years old but only to never see again.  For years he searched for her but he never found her again and being the Prez of the Hades Hangmen he didn’t have the time to continue his search but fate changes his path.

Mae was dressed ready to marry the Prophet David when she was taken to see her sister Bella that had disappeared a while ago, upon reaching her sister’s cage that she was being held in Mae could only watch as her sister took her last breath with the promise to her sister that she would break free from this commune and save herself. Wanting her sister Lilah and Maddie to go with her but they didn’t have the courage to leave so Mae ran and freed herself but not without serious injury.

Fifteen years later Styx and his club find a beat up girl near the MC, the “girl with wolf eyes.” Styx reaction to this young scared woman has his men questioning what he’s doing but no one apart from Ky knows of who she is to Styx.

Can these two live a life together one full of Sin and one that has been raised by a religious group or will fate drop another blow on these two.  Please go get your copy and see for yourself what happens you won’t be disappointed.  I can’t wait to read the next in this series. (2nd review below)

heart recaptured

Heart Recaptured
Ky is VP of the Hades Hangmen MC this has been his life from a child always knowing that he would follow his father footsteps and stand by his bestfriend Styx.  Ky lived by one motto that was given to him by his father

‘Pussies are to be licked good and fucked hard – never worshipped’

Ky’s life is about to change in ways he never thought it would at the end of It Ain’t Me, Babe we see him and the MC rescue Mae from the Religious commune after being taken again, along with her two sisters Lilah and Maddie the instant connection Ky has towards Lilah knocks him on his ass.  Ky tries to fight his desire for Lilah but find himself struggling so he reverts to his normal whoring ways but Styx has other things in mind for Ky and makes him spend time with Lilah helping her to adjust to life outside the commune.

Lilah is struggling with life after leaving the commune she needs her faith and order to live, she cant understand how Mae has settled into this life choosing to ignore how they were raised.

We witness a beautiful relationship form between Ky and Lilah but also witness the harsh effects of living in an MC and the issues with what has happened in the past.

Definitely worth reading, as these books progress we see more of the other characters develop which makes waiting for the next release so hard.


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