A Heart’s Forgiveness – Joanne Schwehm


I have just finished reading this book by Joanne Schwehm, I couldn’t put it down once I started and finished it in one sitting it’s a truly beautiful book about loss, pain, love, forgiveness and soul mates.

Julie Michaels is coordinating a speed dating event at a White Orchid a trendy nightclub and has her breath taken away by none other than Brett Chambers part owner of the White Orchid she feels a pull to him like no other, upon sight everyone around her disappears  and she’s left with a feeling she’s never experienced before.  Julie has never had a serious relationship as her heart has suffered pain before and she doesnt want to feel this type of loss again but things with Brett soon escalate and she’s left wondering if she will survive.

Brett Chambers is a hot sexy bar owner and doesn’t struggle for female attention he gets women throwing themselves at him all the time and he’s more than happy with that especially since he’s been married before and not looking to settle down again.  However upon meeting Julie he finds himself having feelings that he thought he didn’t want but he’s sure he doesn’t want to be married again.

The problem is that Brett and Julie never sit and talk about what they want from their future and wires get crossed and with the upcoming wedding of their best friends Aubrey and Alex emotions get high, things are said and actions take place that the heart may never recover from.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers so that’s where I stop but I will urge you to go get your copy and enjoy the ride.  Will Brett and Julie have their happy ever after well I’ll let you find out yourself but I will say that this is an amazing heart felt read.


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