I was happy to receive an arc of Corrupted, I will admit that I hadn’t read any of these books so I quickly downloaded the first Secrets which is about Luka (Tate) and Emily I will leave a review about that one shortly, but this is where we first meet Viktor and Elaina.  Viktor is Luka’s older brother and Elaina is Emily’s twin sister.

This book focuses on and the darker side of the mafia to what we see in Secrets both Viktor and Luka have been groomed to takeover from their Father and Uncle.  This may be  book 4 in the series, but it can be read after book 1, Secrets, however I do recommend that you read them in order Secrets, Exposed, Relinquish and then Corrupted.  Exposed and Relinquish are more about the Oath Keepers MC but they do crossover between the four books.

Elaina grew up in foster care and this has had an effect on her, she doesn’t trust easily but she remains strong, independent which to Viktor is a curse as he finds himself being drawn to Elaina and wants to love and protect her but Elaina wants to stand on her own feet not wishing for handouts.   Viktor is a take charge dominant man and wants things done his way, he’s head of the Bratva  and his dealings are far more grittier, he comes in takes out the rubbish and cleans up.

The chemistry between Viktor and Elaina is off the charts once she realises that she wants Viktor in more than friends but things are never that straight forward they encounter their fare share of drama with lots of explosions not just in the bedroom.

If you like something a little more intense go get your copy you wont be disappointed.  I’m already looking forward to the next book.


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