Chianti Kisses – Book 3 – Betrayed – Tara Oakes


Betrayed is mainly centered around Carmine and Theresa as they find their way around the flames of a previous relationship and dance the fine line between love and hate.  Carmine and Theresa are passionate, argumentative and loyal to those they call family whether blood or not.  Carmine’s actions have caused people to question his loyalty and Theresa is not backing down from what she wants, they keep their distance in front of others not wanting to bring attention to the kindling of a new relationship but V and Dom are both on to them.

While Carmine and Theresa work on  getting their love life straightened out, Dom finds that there are more family secrets that are unravelling and this may just be the biggest of them all, Dom had resigned as CEO of the family business but he’s still the BOSS of the family and struggles once again with the secrets he uncovers knowing that V or baby V as he calls her will find her well constructed life  being turned on its head once again.

As with the previous books in this series Tara keep’s you on edge, pages turning quickly but also wanting it not to end.  Go get your copy and see how this final installment plays out you won’t want to miss this conclusion.  I for one wish there was more.

Thanks again Tara for another amazing series.


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