BRAVE – NATALIE GAYLE – Oni Fighters Book 1

Brave Ebook Cover

This book needs more than 5 STARS

Brave was the first book I have read by Natalie Gayle and I was totally blown away, I was only 25% in and I had to message the author and tell her how much I was loving it and that I would be recommending this book to my friends, family and blog followers.

Xander ‘Pretty Boy’ Todd is a MMA Fighter but following a major incident in his life he no longer fights professionally, he teaches Martial Arts to others and encourages them to face their fears and fight for what they want but does he have the strength needed to face his own battle.  Eden Sommers was an upcoming Model but following her own tragedy she becomes withdrawn from society and has her own demons to fight.  Can these two help each other over come their fears and be stronger ?

Brave will take you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, drawing so many emotions from you tears, laughter, anger and happiness plus don’t forget the HOT STEAMY SEX for good measure.

I know that this book will be one that stays with me on so many levels, we all have demons that need to be answered and BRAVE shows you that we can all fight and be better with the right help and support.

Thank you Natalie for writing this amazing book. xx


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