Jesse Carter who is he ? well he’s a survivor of war, former firefighter and now a bad boy biker with a filthy mouth and a carefree attitude but that’s just what he wants you to see.  Jesse is living with the nightmares that have plagued him from childhood and the war he feels unworthy of love and will not fall for it, he plays hard and the women fall at his feet except one Nurse Bell.

Nurse Bell lives her life to please her family after they suffer the tragedy of her sister disappearing six years ago, she’s a quiet unassuming woman who doesnt like to be center of attention that is until Jesse Carter sets his sights on her.  She finds herself attracted to Jesse on more than one level but he may also hold the key to help her find her sister.

Please go get your copy and see how this story unfolds, laughs, heartbreak, love its all in there but will Jesse and Bell get there HEA that’s for you to read yourself.

I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed Desertion and I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.  I will say its total your typical MC read its a lot more romance.

Well Done River on another amazing book.


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