I loved this book as much as the first, during the first part of the book we are reminded how Sy and Holly meet we have heartbreak, loves and laughs throughout but we finally understand the darkness that Sy is surrounded by.

All it takes is three little words to send Sy’s world spinning he has lived in a darkness for years and doesnt want the light until Holly walks into Ink Me she’s full of sass and he finds himself drawn to her plus it doesnt help that she’s best friends with the Prez of Knights Rebels woman and is showing up at the club.

Holly is a confident woman, smart and feisty but one word from Sy and she finds herself giving up control to the bad boy biker covered in tattoos but the events that take place next have Holly loosing herself and she is now struggling for the light and its down to Sy to pull her out of the dark place she finds herself in.

Please go get your copy, follow their story and see what causes the dark to consume them with the hope that they can each return to the light.


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