Knights Rebels MC – Incandescent – River Savage


Well what can I say I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to move on to book 2, River Savage keeps you wanting to turn the page to see what’s next.

Kadence Turner is a Teacher, she’s waiting on a parent to turn up to for a meeting to discuss one of her pupils behaviour she however is not expecting Phoenix (Nix ) Knight to walk in, she feels the energy change in the room as soon as he enters.  Nix is the Prez of Knights Rebels, he’s sexy as hell, dirty mouth but he is also a biker and as much as Kadence feels the electricity between them she sure does not need a man in her life and definitely not this one.

Nix walks into Miss Turners room and is hit with a surge of electricity, she’s feisty and beautiful he has to remind himself that he’s here to discuss his son Z (Zayden) but he cant help but push Miss Turner’s buttons.  Nix doesnt chase women he has them falling at his feet however he finds himself wanting Miss Turner and will do just about anything to have her.

Nix and his club run a clean business we get to see the other main people in the MC and see the tight bond they have between them.  Its not all smooth running though Nix and the Knights Rebels find themselves being drawn into the business of another MC but it also has links to Kadence’s past.  Kadence finds her past coming back to haunt her, is she strong enough to face this head on or will it take her down and destroy the relationship she is building with Nix.

Please go get your copy and watch this hot sexy biker take on the feisty smart mouthed teacher you wont regret it


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