Mercy Reid has her revenge but she wont settle until Xavier Blood or X as he’s known has his.  X doesn’t remember much of his life apart from the last few years he was conditioned by The Watchman to carry out the dirty work for Royal Blood.

X and Mercy are hauled back up at his cabin and he’s continuing Mercy’s training, on the outside he seems himself but deep down he knows that he’s coming apart and fighting the inevitable of having to find out who he was before.  X receives a call from Vaughan telling him that he has a gift for him, feeling uncertain he goes to see Vaughan and comes face to face with a part of his past but he also gets more from his visit and has to compartmentalize his feelings once again to survive.

Mercy is struggling with X wanting to ignore his past and move on as they are, she finds herself having to make a decision that may well be the end of them but she feels X needs answers to move on.

I don’t want to give too much away so  please go get your copy you wont be disappointed Amity Cross has created a beautiful series that takes you on a journey and keeps you wanting to turn the page.


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