fight to breathe

I was privileged to receive an ARC for Fighting to Breathe and what a beautiful heart wrenching book it is, Aurora Rose Reynolds takes us on a journey that will literally have you crying one moment then falling in love the next, but it is so worth it I couldn’t put it down once I started.

Lea Lamb is returning to Cordova, Alaska  its been 15 years since she’s been home and memories of her first love and loss are still hard for her to bear,  Lea left the love of her life after losing her father in a tragic boat accident and the guilt she carries with her is tearing her apart, she’s a strong women, feisty, loving but she desperately craves for someone to care for her.

Austin Wolf  has never moved on its been 15 years since he lost his first love there has been many women in his life but none like Lea, he’s strong, protective and straight up front with what he wants.

Tragedy hits Lea again and she finds herself turning to Austin he offers her the strength needed to survive but its down to her to fight for their future.

Please go get your copy you wont be disappointed it is truly a beautiful book.


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