I was privileged to receive an arc of Cale by Victoria Ashley, this is book 3 in the Walk of Shame series you need to read them in order to understand the story so start with Slade, Hemy and then read Cale.  I will warn you that these books are off the charts HOT and lots of sexy chemistry throughout.

We first meet Cale in Slade he works at the Walk of Shame, where he strips and meets countless women to have fun with but Cale is holding out for one person in particular and she’s due back in the country very soon.

Riley has been living in Mexico and has come home, she is looking to settle in before she see’s a certain friend from her past, but Riley is in for a surprise when the gentleman she’s massaging at her new job turns over revealing who he is.

Go get your copy and watch the sparks fly between these two as promises Cale made as a teenager still hold true, plus see what the rest of the Walk of Shame family has been up to you wont be disappointed.


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