I was privileged to be sent this ARC of A.M Madden’s latest book which releases very soon I’m a huge fan of her work and can say that whatever she releases I’ll 1 click without needing details.

This book takes you through so many emotions it’s a beautiful romance but it comes with tears, heart break, laugh out loud moments and some down right of the charts sexy chemistry that leaves the pages a light.

Quint Lawson is living the dream, graduated college, professional baseball contract in place and lives with the love of his life and best friend Annie Weber but what happens when fate throws a curve ball his way.

Annie met Quint or Q as she refers to him when she moved in next door to his house at 5 years of age, she marched straight up his lawn and started to play they’ve been inseparable ever since sharing a friendship that moved on to love and now after graduating college she’s moving with him once again to support his dream but what happens when the one person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with changes.  Is she strong enough to deal with the curve ball that Quint has been thrown or is it a challenge too many.

Please make sure you add this to your to be read list you don’t want to miss it.

Thanks again A.M Madden for another brilliant book. xx


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