wicked fall

I was privileged to receive an arc for an honest review.  This is the very first book I have read by Sawyer Bennett and I didn’t have a clue what to expect but I can say I was thoroughly surprised and will be checking out other titles by this author.

Woolf Jennings is CEO of Jenn Co but not by choice his father passed away leaving him to step in and take control, his older brother should be the one but Tenn is not interested in the running of the company.  Woolf has a darker dominant side to him and has needs that at vanilla person would not understand he likes to push the limits on his sexual activities but one person may hold the candle that can change his view.

Callie Hayes has come home to Jackson, Wyoming after ending her engagement to Will and finds herself in the Wicked Horse bar, Callie has decided that she needs to find herself again after doing what her fiancé wanted her to do for years but will this new Callie bring hers and her father’s (Governor Hayes) reputation tumbling down.

Callie is standing upon the bar of the Wicked Horse entering a wet t-shirt competition when she spots Woolf heading straight for her with a thunderous scowl in place he offers his hand to help her down, old Callie would have accepted but new Callie decides she staying right where she is.   Woolf cannot believe what he’s seeing sweet innocent Callie Hayes standing on his bar wet and dancing he gives her a growl, pulls off the bar and throws her over his shoulder before storming out of the Wicked Horse.

I don’t want to give you too much information as it will spoil the read for you but I do urge you to go get your copy and experience all that is the Wicked Horse, if you enjoy  off the charts sexy chemistry between characters and looking for something less vanilla this book is for you.  During your read you will also get glimpses of other characters who I presume will get stories at sometime in this series plus you will also be introduced to The Silo I hear you ask what is that well lets say that its Woolf’s secret. I hope we get to see more of Woolf and Callie in the other books too.

Sawyer Bennett this is an amazing start to what looks like a hot sexy series and I for one cannot wait to read more.

Woolf Jennings is part owner of the Wicked Horse with Bridger Payne a long term friend of Woolf’s and he also has a darker side to him


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