This book may be short but it packs a punch, full of humor, witty and of course some off the charts sexy chemistry.

Raven should be spending spring break in Mexico with her friends but has been summoned to spend it with her mother and latest boyfriend for family bonding time.  Raven is a little put out when she arrives home to find out that her mother’s boyfriend and son Linc have moved into her home.   Things don’t go as planned and her mother jets off to Texas leaving Raven home alone with Linc he’s  a cocky arrogant bad boy who knows he has the looks and Raven can’t stand to be around him.

Raven and her best friend Tessa decide to throw a party but it get’s a little out of hand and results in the Cops being called Linc steps in to handle the situation.  Tessa has nicknamed Linc Forbidden because he’s Ravens moms boyfriends son but she and Raven do admit that he’s one hot sexy asshole even though they dont want to be around him.  With the alcohol flowing through their bodies Tessa has a bet with Raven that she cant get Linc into bed before the end of spring break well let’s say things happen and words are thrown that may result in permanent damage.

Go read you won’t be disappointed plus the 2nd novella is already out UNTOUCHABLE  xx


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