A Glimpse of the Dream – L A Fiore

glimpse of dream

I was privileged to receive a ARC for this book for an honest review.

This book is so well written you feel the joy and the pain that the words contain, it was an emotional read, I literally had tears in my eyes at times whilst reading it.

Teagan has lost both her parents in a tragic accident just before Christmas and is taken to live in Blue Hill, Maine she doesnt know anyone and has no family left. Her first night there she cry’s herself to sleep to be woken by Kane a boy a couple of years older than her over the next few weeks they form a friendship that will take them both on a journey.

Kane’s mom had worked for Mrs. Marks in the large home that he now share’s with Teagan but she had left him in the care of Mrs. Marks so its easy for him to form a friendship with Teagan because they both have lost parents.

This book takes you on a journey through their childhood, college and dreams of the future but tragedy strikes again and they are left with wounds that are so deep you wonder if they will heal.  We also see that family can be made up of many people and that blood is not always what a family is.

I for one will read this book again, so please go get your copy and enjoy the journey but be warned you will go through a range of emotions from happy, anger to devastation but it is so worth it.

Congratulations L A Fiore on another beautiful book.


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