I was gifted the first 2.5 books in this series and must say its not my usual read but I can’t put them down.  Royal Blood is a MC read and oh so very dark with lots of twists along the way.

royal blood

Royal Blood – Book 1

Mercy Reid is looking to get lost and finds herself at The Gambler’s Inn not the kind of place to show fear, she’s got an attitude and gives as good as she gets.  Xavier Blood or X as he’s known is a shadow/ monster goes in does his job and disappears.  These two have an instant connection but Mercy wont give into him and X just wants to fuck her use her no fluffy nonsense.

X’s identity is a secret he may have been heard of but very few know what he looks like he’s a part of Royal Blood MC but another rival club needs his help as their leader has been threatened so the two leaders agree to put their differences on hold so that X can help but things aren’t going to be as easy as they seem.

X needs to find his mark to get this job done but he’s drawn to Mercy and cant shake the feelings he’s having,  he’s been conditioned by Royal Blood and has lost his past but things are starting to come back to him.  X will find his mark but he’s in for a surprise when he does.

Go get your copy if you love something a little darker X is one hot Alpha Male with a dirty mouth and a very dark soul.

Don’t read any further unless you want spoilers as book 2 follows

bad blood

Bad Blood – Book 2

Mercy Reid’s identity has been revealed and she’s disappeared along with X they both now have a mark on their heads.  Mercy is after revenge for the killing of her family and she knows who she’s after with the help of X she’s seeking that revenge.

These two have formed a bond that to most is strange but it works for them, X struggled with his thoughts in Royal Blood, kill her or run with her but as you see he went with her.  X himself is looking for answers about his past, he’s volatile to be around as he starts to have flashbacks and Mercy finds herself at on the receiving end, being strangled, attacked or rough hard sex.

Strangely Mercy finds herself being able to understand X’s behavior and accepts what happens even thrives off it encourages him to use her for his release.  X finds himself developing feelings for Mercy but don’t expect flowers and romantic meals these two still have a dark side.

Does Mercy get her revenge well you’ll have to go get your copy to see what happens but remember this book is dark plus we also get introduced to a new character Vaughan.

Please don’t read any further unless you want spoilers as the next book follows.

blood rites

Blood Rites – Book 2.5

Blood Rites is the story of Vaughan he helped get X and Mercy to Paris in Bad Blood but in this book we get to see why he wanted revenge  just as much as Mercy this book is in 2 parts first we see who Vaughan was before and who he is know.

Sebastian Vaughan led a double life, by day he works Financial Investment but by night he leads a life so dark, drugs women, guns, death.  He’s never had a relationship with a woman he uses them as a means to satisfy his cravings release his tension but then he crosses the path of Lorelei Lansford and feels things he hasn’t before.  Unfortunately his worlds are about to collide and things will be forever changed.

Once again this book is dark it draws you in and keeps you wanting to turn the pages.

The next book in this series is due out soon so go grab your copies and enter the dark side you wont be looking back.


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