private affair

Private Affairs is the first book in this serial its a relatively short read but keeps you flicking the pages.

Lena has been married 7 years but over the last couple of years its felt more like best friends living together the strain is taking its toll. Its their wedding anniversary and Lena decides to cook a romantic meal and pull out all the stops to try and save her marriage, unfortunately her husband Derrick is not bothered.  Derrick is more distant and hardly talks, whilst serving the meal she has prepared she notices a bruise on his neck and immediately thinks he’s been hurt but when asked about it Derrick denies it all of sudden it comes clear to Lena that he’s not hurt and that infact it’s a hickey.

Lena is heart broken and cant take anymore she confides in her best friend Sam and they hatch a plan to get proof that Derrick is cheating but what they come upon is a million miles from what Lena has expected.

Go get your copy and find out what happens lucky for me I have been gifted book 2 and 3 so I jumped straight into these if you don’t want to find out what happens next please don’t continue to read as my reviews will follow. xx

private encounters

Lena has decided she needs actual proof to prove her husband is leading a double life and contacts a Private Investigator to help her with this.  Lena feels a pull to Preston Reid from the moment she meets him, Preston has the same pull to Lena when he meets her and instead of turning the job down he decides to help her.   Against her better judgment Lena has an affair with her Private Investigator but things take a turn for the worse and she’s left feeling betrayed by both her husband Derrick and Preston.

Like the first book its relatively short but we don’t have to wait for book 3 as its already out go get your copy and continue the story of Lena.  Please don’t continue reading unless you want to see what my thoughts on book 3 are. xx

private getaway

As with the other 2 books  Anie’s writing keep’s us wanting to flick the pages to see what happens to Lena can she re build her shattered life and start again.  Finding herself in Hawaii far from her old life she starts a fresh but her mind and heart are still with the people she left behind her best friend Sam and thoughts of Preston still haunt her.

Lena however does try to move forward making new friends but are Ryan and Becky who they say they are or is her old life catching up on her.  We don’t have long to wait for book 4 and I’m as curious as you to see if Lena can seek her own revenge on those who have betrayed her.

Anie your books are beautifully written and I have loved reading them all.  The first book I read was Never Close Enough (The Never Series) I absolutely fell in love with Porter and Ella, then I read  The Space Between Us.  Please keep up the hard work your books are truly appreciated. xx


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