I’m still not sure what my thoughts are on this book apart from its amazing and you won’t want to put it down once you start so make sure you have a couple of hours free to read.

Brantley King my god what a character he is first off you want to hate the arrogant asshole but then as the story continues you can’t help but fall for him flaws and all. King as he is known has a rough exterior and past but has a warm side as well, his best friend Preppy (Samuel) he met during school after stopping a boy beating him up these two made a pact that they would answer to no one but themselves and forged a friendship that stuck through the rough times and good.

Preppy is so full of life and enjoying himself whatever he’s doing you will love him and laugh out loud at the things he says.

Doe well she’s not even sure who she is, finds herself at a party with her friend Nikki.  This party is being thrown for KING by his friends Preppy and Bear,  Bear is part of a MC Club.  Doe has been living on the streets and Nikki has convinced her to offer herself to the bikers in return for a place to sleep and eat but things aren’t that simple, and take a turn for the worse leaving Doe at the hands of KING.

I don’t want to give you any more details and spoil this for you but please go get your copy and start the journey with us all.  The next book will be out very soon.

Well Done T.M Frazier on your release of KING is absolutely brilliant. xx


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