Nicole Edwards never ceases to amaze me with the beautiful stories she writes, she keeps you wanting to flick the page and keep on going but you never want the book to end.

Beautifully Brutal is a spin off series to her new Sniper 1 Security books.  We first meet Max Adorite 2nd in command of Southern Boy Mafia and Courtney Kogan an agent for Sniper 1 Security in A Wait for Morning the first book of Sniper 1 Security, you can see that these two have a past.

This book goes between the past and present giving us the history between Max and Courtney you see the struggles that they face, plus you witness the fireworks they create.

Courtney is put on an assignment to get close to Max Adorite to gather information about his operations but this assignment turns out to be very different, she falls for Max and he her but how can it work they are both from different sides.

I’m not going to give you any more but please do go get your copy and watch the fireworks as they ignite.  I personally cannot wait for the next book.


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