wicked games

I was privileged to receive a ARC of Wicked Games from A D Justice, she has extended this book from her original release and I loved that one but this extended version has knocked the first book completely out the park.

Brianna has just finished college and her first assignment as investigative journalist is to write an article about the Delta Force Team she is flown out to the Middle East to meet the team, Brianna is drawn to Reaper from the first time she meets him and his team. Through her time there they have a brief relationship but she has to return home whilst he’s out on operation.

Reaper had never experienced the connection he had with Brianna and was keen to explore it further.  During his time out in the Middle East he made the decision that he would leave the Delta Force Team and set up his own Security business once home some of his brothers from the team decided that they would join him.

Brianna completed her article on the Delta Team and landed herself a good job in Miami home to Reaper and Steele Security his business. Brianna and Noah (Reaper) connect again once back on home soil even though its been sometime since they saw each other.

The events that take place after their re-connection take a turn for the worse and people they thought they knew aren’t what they seem.  This newer version gives us an insight into their past and the individual thoughts each had as events take place.  This book also shows that family is not only those we share blood with but those that are by our side throughout the trials and experiences we face daily.

The emotions that A D Justice pulls from you are so raw that at times I had tears in my eyes whilst reading it.  Please go get your copy you will not be disappointed. xx

wicked ties

This book picks up where Wicked Games finished.  Colton Lanier (Bull) doesnt trust easily plus with his training and current job at Steele Security he’s always alert to a possible threat.  Whilst attending this best friends wedding Noah and Brianna along with the other Steele Security men Shadow and Rebel he picks upon a person that is not part of this wedding party.  After ensuring that Noah and Brianna are safely on their way he makes his move along with Shadow and Rebel to see what the person wants and to assess the threat they might be.

Chaise has watched the wedding of Noah from a far she’s kept her distance waiting for the right time to approach but unknown to her she has been spotted and finds herself surrounded by Bull, Shadow and Rebel.  She needs help from Noah but doesnt want to give her identity away for fear she will be turned away so when cornered by the Steele Security men her fight or flight instincts kick in.  Bull wants to know what she wants and does not  like that she may be a threat to Noah and Brianna, Chaise explains that she needs help and means no harm to Noah and Brianna.

Bull takes it upon himself to protect Chaise after being followed, shot at and a vehicle being blown up since they have met.  Bull finds himself being drawn to Chaise on a more personal level and after swearing he would never have a committed relationship he finds himself wishing for what his friend Noah has.  Chaise too finds herself developing feelings towards Bull but is frightened that they are moving to fast.  The chemistry and love you see will set you a light like a firework wanting and hoping for more for these two but will Chaise’s secret crush what they have.

I for one cannot wait to read the next novel in this series, if you too are looking for a book that will keep you turning the pages look no further than these novels you wont be disappointed.

Well done A D Justice on another amazing series.

For other books by this author go check out her The Crazy Series and Dominic Powers.


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