twisted bond

This is the first book in what looks like to be another amazing series by Emma Hart.

Noelle Bond grew up in a family of Police Officers her grandfather, father and 3 brothers so she was bound to follow in the footsteps, she knows how to handle a gun, protect herself better than anyone can, she’s feisty, witty and downright stubborn and also part Italian.

Noelle left the Dallas Police Department and headed home to Holly Woods to start her own Private Investigative business most her cases are cheating partners husbands, wives, etc. until one day a badly mutilated body turns up in a dumpster on her property and she’s asked to look into who did it.  She knows she has to contact the Police department but that in its self throws another problem at Noelle in the form of Hot Detective Drake Nash can these two work together to solve this case or not.

The chemistry between Noelle and Drake will keep you on the edge of your seat with just their verbal sparring its like watching a firework display add into this that Noelle is a 28 year old woman who her Nonna (grandmother) thinks she should be married and having babies and you’ll be laughing and smiling all the way through the book.

I for one cant wait to read more in this series and would recommend anyone that is looking for a book with laugh out loud moments, sexy chemistry and a good script to go get your copy you wont be disappointed.

Well Done Emma on another great book keep up the hard work your books are amazing.

For other books by this author I can highly recommend the following

The Burke Brothers / Wild (sexy Tyler Stone) / Call ( sexy Aaron Stone)


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