Sandi Lynn – Romance Author

Please go take a look at this lovely authors books you wont be disappointed she has written lots of hot millionaire books including the Forever Series with the Hot Sexy Connor Black. You wont be disappointed with these others either, I have read all her books but have just listed a couple below for you to check out.

proposed deal

Another beautiful book by Sandi Lynn I couldn’t put it down.  Max Hamilton is your typical sexy playful millionaire but underneath his charm he carries a heavy heart swearing he’ll never love and won’t be tied down.  Emma is not from a wealthy family just being her and her mom but she has dreams to make a life for herself and moves to New York to peruse them. Fate throws these two together and deal is struck to help each other out but what happens when feelings get involved.  go get your copy you won’t be disappointed. xx

she writes love

Paisley and Ben are young and have both suffered a huge loss.  Family wants them to move on and live their lives but no one can understand their feelings apart from each other.  Watch their lives change as they learn to cope and live again.  A truly beautiful emotional journey.  Wish there was more. xx

love in between

I have read this book several times and still love it.  Tears, drama, laughs and steamy sex what more can we ask for.

Lily Gilmore daughter of famous musician has had her heart broken and moves across country to be nearer friends who are more like family.   She’s not looking for a man but then she meets Luke Matthews he’s also suffering from a tragedy that has left him heart broken.  Can the two damaged souls help heal each other move forward go grab your copy and fall in love with Lily and Luke xx

upside of love

Wow Sandi has done it again we first met Luke and Lily in Love in Between both were healing from broken hearts.  The Upside of Love contiues their journey but throws in some bumps and twists a long the way and leaves us wondering if they can heal.  We also get to see more of their frends. This book reminds us that things happen for a reason not that we understand them when they do but as we grow and heal the reasons become clear.  Live your life and be thankful for your family and friends. ♥♥ will definitely read this series again in the future. ♥♥


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