The highly anticipated Amber to Ashes released on Tuesday and after a long wait it did not disappoint.  Gail McHugh is an author that puts her heart and soul into her books and leaves you with feelings you never knew you could experience.

Amber Moretti has a dark past and struggles daily, she’s witty some may say a little unbalanced, uses sex to forget but she’s about to meet 2 people that will help change her life in ways she will not understand.

Amber finds herself in the dining hall of Hadley University with her only mission getting to the table away from everyone else but unfortunately for her she has attracted the attention of Ryder Ashcroft and she doesn’t know it.  Making her way over to the table she’s spotted she falls and lands into the lap of Ryder she’s thrown by the feelings she feels immediately.  Ryder is the cocky quarterback for the University Team, he’s good looking and knows it, full on flirt and takes what he wants.  Ryder is captivated by Amber from the start she doesn’t fall for his charm and roll over she can give as good  as he gives.  Gathering her fallen books she steps into the line of Brock Cunningham best friend of Ryder Ashcroft also the University’s Football Captain he’s more smooth than Ryder and manages to get the basic information on Amber with no effort.  Brock starts his mission to get Amber to go on a date with him.

Amber is not the only one dealing with a difficult past both Ryder and Brock have their own secrets.  Please go get your copy you wont be disappointed but be warned you will be torn in many directions at one point you’ll be rooting for Amber and Brock and the next you will be rooting for Ryder.  By the end your emotions will be on a roller coaster with no end for the ride.  This books does have a cliffhanger and we will have to wait for the release of book 2 at this point no date has been mentioned but please don’t let that put you off.

Gail McHugh is an amazing author and her books draw you in and leave you wanting more.  For other reads by this author please check out Collide and Pulse and meet the sexy Gavin Blake.


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