Happy Release Day Kindle Alexander

Another great read by Kindle Alexander this book pulls so many emotions from you and she does m/m relationships so well, one of my favourite authors for this genre.

Dylan Reeves has spent his adult life as a closeted gay man but to add to this he’s married, he met and dated Teri his wife whilst in college they have 3 beautiful children together, he own a successful business, lives in a upscale area of Dallas but his love is for that of a man and not the women he is married to however Teri is his best friend and he does love her dearly.

They both agreed a long time ago that they would remain married and live together until the youngest child is off to college providing their children with a stable home however events happen and they have to move their plans forward.

I don’t want to give too much away so I shall leave this here and ask that you go get your copy you will not be disappointed.   I will point out that no betrayal takes place in this book and ask that you keep an open mind as the struggles in this book are very real for some people.


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