I recently connected with this author through my facebook blog page and must admit I hadn’t heard of her before but I was pleasantly surprised by this book and really enjoyed it, I read it from start to finish in one sitting.

The story is based around Jasper (Jay) and Julia (Lil) they have known each other all their lives but it wasn’t until Lil was 16 that they started a relationship a mis-understanding over an event takes Lil away from the M.C and Jay.

This book is from Lil’s point of view and the author moves between past and present to bring us the story.

Lil has sneaked back into town to attend her friends bachelorette party but finds herself in a sport of bother with another M.C group.  Unbeknown to Lil her friends manage to get in touch with Jay and he along with her Pop and brother come to her rescue but not without a few changes being made to her life.  Lil finds herself moving back home and Jay staking his claim on her.

The author also gives us glimpses of other characters  Blue and TJ and I’m sure in time we will get their story.

The book does have a cliffhanger but hey as I’m late joining the party  I’m able to go straight into book 2


This book picks straight up from where the first finished and lets say Jay is not happy when he arrives home from club business, again with the first book this book also switches between the past and present and is mainly from Jays point of view.

Jay is all Alpha protects what’s his and wont let anyone or anything stand in his way but you also see a softer side to him when he’s with Lil’s.

Lil’s friend from college to comes to visit her and a turn of events end up with 1person killed and 1person kidnapped we also get introduced to Clink another member of the Kingsmen M.C and Charlie a girl who has her own story but we are yet to find out what.

This story definitely keeps you wanting more and as before I have book 3 to dive straight into.


The story continues Lil is back with her family and dealing with the pain of losing her friend but also the joy of her future.  We continue to see the strength of both Lil and Jay, he also proves he will most definitely do anything to keep Lil and his family safe.

We continue to meet new characters along the way each with their own story but during this book we see the relationship develop between Clink and Charlie but what is she hiding we will have to wait for the next book to find out but I’m sure its something that will rock the foundations of the M.C

Another great book for those of you who love M.C books got get your copy.


Jay and Lil’s story isn’t over but we get more on Clink and Charlie’s.  Clink wasn’t looking for a forever relationship was happy bouncing around getting what he needs when he needed it but he finds himself drawn to Charlie but she has her own secrets that may just destroy him.  Clink has been burnt by a women before and she took his son away so you feel his pain but you also see he has a heart.

Charlie had been watching the coming and goings of the M.C for a while before she was introduced to them but she is still hiding the truth of how she knows of these people.

Clink receives a call and has to go get his son, Charlie falls in love further with Clink but not only him his son as well but a turn of events has her real identity being revealed and once again Clink feels the betrayal and takes off with his son leaving Charlie behind to deal with the outfall from her actions.

Not long to wait for the next book due for release 17th June 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed all these books and looking forward to the next xx


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