WOW its been a while since I’ve been on here I do apologise life sometimes gets in the way.

On a plus side I have managed to read a few books and my reviews and recommendations are here

.Riley Hart's photo.

Finished reading this book late last night Trevor Dixon is learning to live again whilst fighting demons from his past. Him and his twin brother Blake run Rock Solid Construction and bid for a new contract but things don’t go well and they are turned down. Travis not happy with this goes back to see Dr Simon Malone and gets him to change his mind.

Dr Simon Malone is a heart surgeon and following an attack his left contemplating what to do with his life as he can no longer operate.

The friendship that Trevor and Simon build helps them both learn to live and move forward but not without its bumps and twists. Unbeknown to them both their lives have be intwined before go get a copy you won’t be disappointed. Xx

A. D. Justice's photo.

Crazy Baby by A D Justice
Wow what can I say there were times when I wanted to throw my kindle up the wall couldn’t believe the emotions that were being pulled from me.

Luke and Andi fell in love in Crazy Maybe and this book continues their story and the trials a relationship goes through when both their careers take a new direction. Forced to be apart from each other for 6 months they are faced with some tough decisions and struggles along with people trying to pull them apart. Go give it a read you won’t be disappointed. TEAM LUKE ALL THE WAY but so looking forward to the next in the series. X

Kyles Return a Gloves Off Book by L P Dover

L P Dover couldn’t have finished this series off with a better book. We all saw the devestation that Kyle Andrews caused throughout the Gloves Off series and saw him come undone in his fight against Tyler. This book shows that people can change and some do deserve a second chance. Kyle has a lot to prove to people and sets about doing just that he knows it’s not going to be an .easy ride but finds a friend in Megan who sees him for who he is now and not what he was. Megan has her own demons and fights to free herself from them.

Sad to see the end of this great series but will no doubt read them often.


Nicole has done it again another great book the 1st in her new series.

This book follows the story of Marissa Trexler and Trace Kogan these two have grown up around each other as their fathers run a security firm together. This book not only tells the story of Marissa and Trace but we also get details about the other characters who I assume will be getting their own books in the future.

Marissa didn’t follow her brothers or Traces siblings into Sniper 1 she took her own career path into journalism but along the way she uncovered some major information that put her life in danger. Go get a copy and see what happens when Trace has to step in to protect her.
You won’t be disappointed xx Let’s hope the next book is out very soon xx

Well that’s all for now I’ll make sure I’m back here very soon.

Happy Reading and let me know whats next for you. xx


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