L A Fiore you say that’s an automatic one click for me and Savage WOW what a read that was it calls to the dark haunted side that I love.

Brochan and Lizzie both didn’t have the childhood you’d wish for your own or even those of any child, troubled beginnings is what they have in common, one becoming the darker and one the lighter, they¬†live oceans apart but their paths will cross and are more entwined than anyone realises call it what you may but their souls call out to each other.¬† Its heart wrenching, soul torturing, breath taking¬†and oh so beautiful.¬† Once again LA Fiore delivered a phenomenal¬†¬†5 Star read.







Completely Captivated – A.D Justice


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Another good book from A D Justice. I’ve had the pleasure of reading each and every book she has ever written.

Completely Captivated is a contemporary standalone romance following Christa and Aaron’s relationship. It is told from various points of view and isn’t without it’s bumps in the road and people from the past returning to add to the mix.

For me personally it was a little slow and I found myself wanting to know more about the secondary characters than Christa and Aaron but in saying that I couldn’t put it down once is started and I’m looking forward to the next book.


Strength in Release – Lisa N. Paul

I hadn’t read anything before by this author and can say I was totally surprised by how much I loved the story of Lyla and Sebastian.¬† I also didn’t realise that this was the 5th book in the Charistown Series I totally read it as a standalone but had I researched a little more I would have read the other’s first to understand the relationships between the other characters, that being said it didn’t take anything away from the story by not reading the others first.

This book is full of feels, love, passion and angst and it proves that once again family doesnt have to mean blood.  Lyla and Sebastian have had to deal with issues from their pasts some may say one more than the other, one may still be running rather than dealing but when you find the one to have your back its sometimes easier to fight against it than for it, the emotions they go through you can literally feel them coming off the page.

Go grab your copy and enjoy this emotional roller coaster I for one will be getting the rest of the books now.


Devil you Know – L.A Fiore

LA Fiore has done it again with Devil you Know it gives you so many feels right from the start, your heart will ache, break and love all at once.   This book shows us when something is meant to be it will, however long that may take, you just need to believe that you will find a way.

Damian¬†was just a young boy with a horrible home life when¬†Thea entered his life, her¬†love of life was infectious and how Damian wished he could have¬†the¬†loving family¬†Thea had, little did he know¬†that being best friends with Thea’s¬†twin brother would he be welcomed with¬†open¬†¬†arms into this family and that his love for Thea would grow so much but in order to keep her from the bad he would have to leave.

I don’t want to give you any more of the story but I do urge you to go get your copy of¬†this beautiful book¬†and see what is in store for Damian and Thea I can promise you wont want to put it down once you start.

This book deserves more than 5 STARS

I cant wait to read more in this series.

Offensive Rebound – MJ Fields


MJ¬†Offensive Rebound¬†is a total slam dunk you’ve bounced this one right out of the court, I couldn’t put it down and being a fan of your Men of Steel books I never thought I’d read a book that would give them a run for their money but boy does the sexy, cocky, loving Trae Rhodes.

Courtney Cohen is not far from graduating when her father passes leaving her and her siblings his beloved Seattle Stallions unfortunately for Courtney none of her siblings want to take the reign and pass it all to her.¬† She can do this after all she’s engaged to the star player of the Seattle Stallions¬† so what can go wrong? oh her father forgot to mention that his new signing is none other than Trae Rhodes her fianc√© Brock’s thorn in his side and add in that Brock is a total douche.

So what will happen when Courtney takes the reigns, feathers are ruffled and add in Trae Rhodes there may just be an explosion both on and off the court.  I urge you to go read this, fall in love, swoon and laugh out loud I promise you wont regret jumping into this standalone.



Love Lies & A Bleu Christmas Rebecca Rohman

I fell in love with Jada and Jonathon in Love Lies¬†& the DA and now their story continues and its one you don’t want to miss. I recommend you read all¬†these books in order to totally understand the connections.

This story may hit home to some more than other’s Jada and Johnathon have been married¬†for a few years, ¬†have a family and life is generally getting in the way forcing them to spend time apart but what happens when you are a high profile couple and you don’t confide in each other well the lies are spread and even though you know deep down they don’t hold an ounce of truth it leaves you questioning your future.

I don’t want to give the story away but I will say Rebecca certainly told it with compassion but you also felt the hurt, betrayal and love between these two another fantastic book I hope its not the last we see of this power couple and their friends.


Shadows – MJ Fields

Once again I got to read a book by MJ Fields that is part of a series but can also be read as a standalone which is exactly what I did.¬†¬†Whilst reading¬†Shadows I didn’t feel that I needed to have read the other books first because as usual MJ makes us feel as though we already know them and their history.

Shadows is one HOT alpha, he’s overcome¬†so much hurt and pain in his own life he sees what others don’t in Mary and¬†he’s set on destroying his little Lamb¬† but in a way that sets her free from her past and makes her stronger, his straight talking to some may come over as cocky, arrogant but this Alpha sees the hurt and fear that Mary still hides from and wants nothing more than to make her his but also set her free.

The pages turn so quickly in this intense, sizzling¬†book its hard to put it down, then ¬†you find yourself praying it doesn’t end.¬† I for one will be going back to the beginning now and reading the whole series whilst I wait for the next one to be released.¬† As usual another fantastic read from MJ Fields.